New Spotify Playlists

In response to this lifehacker article, where they suggest a list of playlists everyone should make, I decided to dust off a few of my older playlists, rename and curate them, and show them off.

Lifehackers’ list is practical, but you hardly need your own playlists to cover them. There’s a million workout” playlists on Spotify already. And sure, have a workout playlist. But also have a playlist for the weirder times.

  1. My Dad is Bigger Than Your Dad

Punk, drunk rock, bad recordings and palpable threats.

  1. Horny on Main

Thirsty modern pop

  1. Indie Rock for Paddleboarders


  1. Unicorn Ombré

Hyper pixie dream pop. Sickeningly Twee.

  1. Dreamcast Electronica

Beats and chips, hip hop and cheat codes

  1. Smoking alone

When you gotta dwell on it more than is healthy

  1. The Mod Club in 2007

Rock, blues, soul, dancey guitars. shots. Cover: The Kills

  1. Cocktails and Bossanova

For when Jack Lemmon comes over to Romy Schneider’s place.

  1. Much Video Dance 2018

You always save one for me.” She said. It’s our tradition. Even since sixth grade.”

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August 16, 2018