New writing workflow

I made a new iOS shortcut to do quick novel writing a few times a day. But shit, I’m going to have to type in Drafts because Scrivener has a bug in iOS 13. It’ll just capitalize random characters. I don’t know if it’s Scrivener or my bluetooth keyboard, but that’s okay. It’ll be a little easier in Drafts. Less baggage. This is my fourth or fifth time using this script. I read a thing today that suggested the following advice: if closed, knock. That’s what I’m trying to do with this writing practice. So a few times a day for at least 90 seconds, I write some stuff and hopefully it works. If I find myself in a flow state I’ll go longer. If I find it might work in the book, it’ll go in the book. I want to think about the book a little bit more often, and I think a few reminders will help. The Tuesday night writing thing was nice but it didn’t do too much in terms of actually moving the book forward.

So the plan is to write sketches multiple times a day. Try for 5 sketches. 2-3 minutes of writing. None of it has to fit. None of it has to matter.

But once every few days, read them. Filter. Decide if they fit. Re-write them a little to loosely fit a part of the book.

And really, I’m disappointed with part 2 so far. It’s flat. It doesn’t have the electricity that part 1 had. So maybe this’ll help. Pump it with a little chaotic electricity.

August 26, 2019