No One Should Worry About Working Out Right Now

Casey Johnston at VICE:

OK, a) of all: If you’re working out at all in general, you’re a champ. Exercise is really important for a number of reasons beyond how you look or being an accomplished athlete: it’s great for your mood, mental health, general health. Working out is for everyone. B) of all, it is not an understatement to say we are, culturally speaking, in a crisis right now. That’s not even due to the literal fact of the virus going around, but more so due to the weight of having a political system and economy that folds like a napkin in a situation like this, as well as a political leadership that is too stupid and narrow-minded to rise to the occasion in any meaningful way. That’s a lot to have going on on top of worrying about also taking proper care of yourself, let alone being mean to yourself about not working out every single day. Should you be exercising to some degree, which can including even going out for a walk? Probably. Should you be worrying about it? Absolutely not.

Take this as a chaser to my last few posts. Take a breath. Then, if you can, lift the heavy thing. But if you can’t, that’s okay. Just take another breath.

April 2, 2020