You Chose Poorly S02E02 - Follow Up

Mikey and Sawyer follow up the debut episode with some more insights on their new machines, old habits and muscle memory, audio fetishization, and text files. Remember: the real fetish object is the time alone.


April 8, 2021 podcasts youchosepoorly

March 2021 in photos

April 2, 2021 photos

Fitness Blog, January-March 2021

I think this is probably going to be the last workout tracker I do. It’s been fun, but it’s not the kind of thing I actually want to track all the time. My first post tracked the summer of 2019, so I have two years of data. And I’ll keep collecting data in the Health app of my phone, but I don’t want to spend the time on a spreadsheet anymore.

The only interesting thing about this set is that most of the workouts were from Apple Fitness+. I think it’s a good service with lots of content for being so young, but it’s bogged down by being stuck on Apple hardware. But as workout videos go, they’re fine! They regularly made 30 minutes feel like 15.

Apple Fitness+ Results

Type of workout Count Minutes Calories Cals per minute
HIIT 6 269 1009 3.75
Strength 19 434 3077 7
Time to Walk Podcast 2 64 315 4.9
Yoga 12 364 1325 3.64

Here’s the total numbers from this quarter.

Category of workout (includes walks, elliptical, and other non-Apple Fitness+ workouts)

Fitness Type Count Time Spent (minutes) Time Average Cals Burned
Cardio 57 1739 31.6 11649
Strength 44 1044 24.8 7269
Wellness 22 289 25 518

Most of the cardio was from our home elliptical (34 tracked workouts). But I also went on 13 tracked walks.

My first workout post, Peloton after 3 months, is interesting to contrast. It’s not apples to apples, but my numbers have only gotten higher since then. I used to work out every few days, and now I do what my Apple Watch calls exercise” 40 minutes, 5-6 times a week.

The other thing I’ve noticed, looking back on my previous posts, I did not stay consistent with what I was showing. I was just interested in different stuff every time. So this is way less a scientific reading than hey, look at this cool number.”

I weigh the same. I’m actually a bit heavier than I was in 2019. But I can do more of the exercises without quitting, for longer. I can lift more, do more pushups, and remain at an elevated heart rate for longer. I’m fitter in all the ways that matter to high school gym.

I think the Apple Watch is a part of that. I think working from home is a bigger part. Without having to commute, I have time to work out every day. I don’t need to convince myself to do it. If I just sit or move around my apartment without some kind of workout, I feel lousy at the end of the day. I know that matters way more than the statistics.

April 1, 2021 Apple Fitness+ wellness notion

The Best of Youtube, March 2021

Youtube is a bad place, but every now and then a good video appears. Because I can’t seem to stop going there, I can at least make it easier for you (and future me) to see what was worth it.

3DS Turns 10 Years Old - Our Memories and Experiences is long, but treat it like a podcast. It’s a good rundown of my favourite video game console.’

Hi-Bit Era - The Future of Pixel Art Games. I loved this. Video games don’t have to look like they were made in 1993 anymore, but sometimes we like it when they do. Or when they look like a good version of it, anyway.

DEEP DISCOG DIVE: MF DOOM. Lots of gold in here.

Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan 97. Just go in cold.

Why WarioWare Works I bought my first WarioWare game because of this.

【VTUBER DEBUT】MissFushi the Catgirl 【ふしさん】 - YouTube This video made me understand Vtubers. I followed her last year for Animal Crossing videos, and thankfully I never unfollowed her. This month, she cropped up after a few months off Youtube, but with a new aesthetic.

Instagram Models Be Like. Giggle.

What I REALLY Think of the iPhone! It’s an hour-long review of a six month phone.

ACTION BUTTON REVIEWS Tokimeki Memorial This video dropped in January but I re-watched it this month. Just a six-hour re-watch. No big deal.

Everything I know about instagram stories.. Helpful stuff about a weird photography medium.

Nihilism & Howl’s Moving Castle - Movies with Mikey. We are all burning away slowly, and everything is fine.

March 31, 2021 Logbook youtube

You Chose Poorly S02E01 - Put More Lights in Me!

Mikey and Sawyer discuss new computers, if they deserve to be happy, iPhones, filling the bars, AMD & M1 vs Intel, Da Vinci Resolve, and more in the first episode of You Chose Poorly Season 2!

Apologies for the audio quality in this episode. Did we mention we got new computers and haven’t quite figured it out yet?


iPhone XR - Wikipedia

iPhone XS - Wikipedia

Apple M1 - Wikipedia

Mikey’s Computer:

Sawyer’s Computer (Canada Computers Link)

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
  • 16GB Kingston HyperX Fury RGB 3200MHz
  • WD Blue SN550 NVMe M.2 1TB
  • B450 Motherboard
  • MACUBE 310 White ATX Mid Tower
March 31, 2021 podcasts youchosepoorly

Link Blog, March 2021

I’m looking into Twine lately and this article by Adi Robertson helped me begin: Text Adventures: how Twine remade gaming

Colin Broadmoor wrote this awesome piece about how we’ve been stuck in a nostalgia time loop: The Future Died in 1999 - Blood Knife

From the same blog, RS Benedict talks about Marvel’s chastity with sexuality: Everyone Is Beautiful and No One Is Horny - Blood Knife

Right on the opposite end, Nathan Grayson wrote a huge introduction to CodeMiko, this Vtuber or sorts: CodeMiko Is The Future Of Streaming, Unless Twitch Bans Her First

I quit Twitter this month (3rd official quitting since originally joining in 2008). Soo Youn has a survey of people who also quit, and now feel better. I get better sleep’: the people who quit social media

Masha Zhdanova wrote about Webtoon. It made me smile, and also re-download webtoon. It now lives on my phone where Twitter used to.

Most writing advice is just slack porn. Chuck Wendig has good writing advice. Why Gentle Writing Advice,” Exactly?

David Davis has my favourite article of the whole month, a chronicle of Geoff Winningham’s photography: Pro Wrestling’s Finest Down-And-Dirty Chronicle Is Getting Even Better

March 30, 2021 Logbook links

Microblog Thoughts, October 2020-March 2021

I quit twitter, so this is probably the last one of these for a while.

  • That weird vertigo you feel when half your timeline is worried about democracy and the other half is like my new phone has flat sides tho.”

  • Gonna spend the next month or two catching up on Stardom

  • Can’t help but think Animal Crossing and Hades are two sides of the same cursed 2020 game.

    • Both games have an ending” after about 20 hours or so, but that’s really just the point where the game says okay, you’ve done the loop. Now you can decide the loop for yourself.”
    • AC:NH becomes a game about making your heaven” yours, however you see fit. Grinding, or chilling. Hades lets you set difficulties, making Hell your own. Grinding, or chilling.
    • I’d turn this into one of those sweet fifteen minute youtube videos if I had the time or sweet radio voice.
  • While on hold with Leon’s, I just heard find your perfect technology for all your man caves and she-sheds.”

  • Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists are the spiritual successor to a little known but beloved app called Nokia Mix Radio. It’s arguably better (it is 2020, not 2012), but it feels about the same in use.

  • Pro tip: save your daily mixes to offline.

  • Going through my want to go” google map for toronto restos and now I’m really sad.

  • Imagine if Spotify had half the cool metadata stuff that @letterboxd pro has. I’d pay for this! It’s cool as hell.

  • Watched Daughters of Darkness and Theatre of Blood for the second time this month, figured I’d give the two best flicks in the @criterionchannl’s 70s horror fest the crowning time they deserve 🍹🍹🎃🎃

  • The most Democrat Party thing they could do is win the election in a landslide but still let Trump be president because he just won’t leave the room.

  • In my short trip into @we_are_stardom so far, my favourite gimmick match by a mile are the three vs Stardom” matches, where one wrestler has to fight the entire roster in one-minute timed exhibitions.

  • Thinking about taking my twitter friends and goin

  • It’s November 11, 2020 and I beat Toxic Tower from DKC2 for the first time in my life.

  • After seeing a few other people making lists for noir movies to watch in november (noirvember!) I made my own. This’ll be a thread. Here’s the list to follow along:

    • First up: Brute Force (1947) ( It’s super bleak ACAB prison propaganda (the message is to definitely not try to break out of prison, person who’s watching this movie while maybe in prison?)

    • Highlights from Brute Force include Burt Lancaster using Ultimate Warrior’s powerslam on a brutal cop. It’s very satisfying.

    • However, it’s a bit on the slow and dull side. It takes a long time to get cooking, and while the advertising suggests Burt will be shirtless a lot, he in fact is mostly shirted.

    • Up next, Secret Beyond the Door, from 1947. Fritz Lane continues his hatred of standard room and door sizes.

    • No modern director would ever have the gall to put a wagon full of chickens in this scene

    • Thanks, it has ✨pockets✨

    • It’s against movie law to find a brick wall where one shouldn’t be and not touch the bricks.

    • All right, next up for #noirvember, 1985’s To Live and Die in LA. It’s one of the great movies that’s both so Reagen-Era appropriate while also reading like an ACAB 101 display

    • Two major observations:

      • I hate every typeface in the film but greatly respect the choice to switch them up every ten minutes.
      • Wang Chung should have scored one hundred more films.
    • I feel like Shipwreck Joey’s Topless Cabaret” is Good Place-quality naming of a totally unnecessary set piece.

    • There’s not much better for a hangover than a good Eddie G face turn, so I’ve put on 1944’s The Woman in the Window and ordered a pizza.

    • For my money, Robinson is about the perfect noir protagonist. Because of his career playing gangsters, it’s easy to believe he’s got villainous potential just under his skin. So when he plays a sap like this, you never know exactly where he stands.

    • Even though he plays just” a college professor, you get the sense he knows how to outsmart every cop (and there are a lot of cops in this movie, around every corner).

    • Edward G Robinson walked so Walter White could run. #noirvember

    • The ending is a disappointment (76 year old spoiler, it was all a dream) but hey, hindsight. I’m sure lots of people were happy with it at the time. Moving on! #noirvember

    • Next on #Noirvember Farley Granger is like if you took a normal person but made him too handsome and that’s what made him evil.

    • Next on #Noirvember Farley Granger is like if you took a normal person but made him too handsome and that’s what turns him evil.

    • Granger’s looks only come into it in this flick (which gets dark real fast) in that he’s the only person in the movie who’s ever once seen the inside of a house.

    • Yes yes Cathy O’Donnell is very pretty but her character has clearly never used electricity. I’m surprised she even knew what a watch was when Granger gave her one.

    • Up next on my #noirvember list, Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950). It dares to ask the question: what if a cop isn’t nice?

    • It’s directed by Otto Preminger, who made Anatomy of a Murder, Laura, and The Man with the Golden Arm. Where the Sidewalk Ends is excellent and it’s his eighth-highest rated film on @letterboxd.

    • It is very good but I have nothing to say other than it’s appointment viewing and I drop everything to watch it.

    • Where the Sidewalk Ends also has some incredible line reads. So he rolls his alcoholic eyes at you and you set yourself up for another left hook.” Wordplay!

    • Tonight, I’m watching Detour from 1945 for #noirvember. It’s 67 minutes long, which technically makes it just a single episode of 2020 television

    • Detour is real flashback-heavy and winding, almost like the title is also its narrative style.

    • Detour’s best line belongs to Ann Savage (when is that not true?) : I spend two hours preparing bait and all you can say is lets go’.” 😂 #Noirvember

    • Second #noirvember flick tonight, 1943’s Shadow of a Doubt. I’ve got high hopes for this one.

    • Shadow of a Doubt is a swell time between pals, as the kids would say.

    • Saturday afternoon is the perfect time for a #noir, so I’m watching Night and the City and eating more candy

    • Totally poached Odd Man Out from another #Noirvember list and I’m glad I did. My list was sorely lacking in James Mason.

    • Odd Man Out is about James Mason getting shot in the first ten minutes after a botched robbery. The whole town wrestles with Dickensian morality on whether to help him or turn him into the cops. It’s real good.

  • This is my monthly reminder that Uncut Gems should win the Oscar for Best Picture this year despite coming out over a year ago.

  • The greatest thing the New World Order wrestling faction ever did was call itself that. Now whenever nutbars talk about the conspiracy theory the trending section is immediately drowned out with gifs of Scott Norton.

  • We watched Shutter Island last night with friends for #noirvember and it’s still just a goddamn perfect film. No notes.

  • Just finished @fodderfigure’s memoir and it made me cry like three times. It also confirmed my suspicions that she’s very cool.

  • You know we could all still just be updating our MSN status but noooooooo

  • After a four day break, back at it for #Noirvember with The Long Goodbye, which is one of those movies Tom Waits isn’t in but could easily play every part if needed

    • He lights a match on PLEXIGLASS
    • If you’re gonna modernize a Bogey line, might as well make it crackly.
  • I basically just want to see cool suplexes.

    • This is a wrestling tweet but it also applies everywhere. More suplexes, please.
  • Saturday night’s #Noirvember joint is Pickup on South Street.

    • I think it’s pretty fitting that in order to watch this movie, you pretty much have to steal it.
    • This one’s fantastic. If you can find it. Which you can’t.
  • I’m not really paying attention to wwe, but it seems right that The Miz is holding the MITB briefcase. In my mind, and my heart, he’s always holding it. He should just have unlimited briefcases, and be the only person to ever have the opportunity to cash in.

  • Friday night silly time for #noirvember: 1991’s Cast a Deadly Spell. It’s campy and garbage and I love it.

    • Yes I found it while searching for Lovecraft Country on Crave and that’s how you’ll find it too.
  • Protip: if you’re going to make a Notion database for groceries, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t just add cocktails as a recipe type.

  • Just watched On The Rocks. It mostly made me want to watch better movies with older charismatic characters. Maybe that’s my December movie theme thing.

  • Lovecraft Country the book feels like a rough draft for the show. I actually love it when the more recent version of a story builds upon and riffs on the previous version of a story.

  • Anybody else having weird COVID dreams? I was on a cruise ship in mine (never been on a cruise ship) surrounded by too many people. Not a mask in sight. Felt like a paranoid person. Very They Live.

  • I love it here

  • Oh good, I was wondering how I was going to get through the week.

  • Good sunset tonight #toronto

  • Now that Apple is putting the digital crown on other things, why not the iPhone? It would really work there?

  • So now we just need an iPhone Pro and a MacBook Max.

  • Had the mall dream again

  • I love lucha libre but I don’t know that I’ll ever fully get used to all the ads all over the arena. #TriplemaniaXXVIII

  • Watching a Spider-Man wrestling match in 2020 actually was on my bingo card so thanks #TriplemaniaXXVIII

  • Laredo Kid vs Kenny Omega is the easiest layup of obvious 4-star great stuff.

  • Also, trident gum is the chewiest gum.

  • Every layout app on iOS does 1% of what InDesign does, and I often forget how much faster and more customizable a design can be if I just use my big old Raspberry Pink/Dark Puce friend

  • Watching #TriplemaniaXXVIII last night reminded me how little I care for commentary. If you can switch audio to a language you don’t understand, highly recommended.

  • Stardom has no commentary at all, so the audience is just the wrestlers and the audience. It’s absolutely lovely except for the screaming.

  • remember when you were off the internet sometimes

  • Heard this on a podcast and now I can’t get it out of my head: the Peloton girl looked so panicked, exhausted, and afraid because she was recording that video throughout 2020.

  • Just did my first Apple Fitness+ workout, and it’s kind of as I figured: Apple hired a bunch of very nice personal trainers with absolutely no personality.

    • When Apple Fitness+ trainers say left leg, they’re mirroring. They use their right leg, and you’re supposed to use your left, so it matches”. Peloton trainers say left, they use their left leg, and so do you. It looks flipped, but it’s real. Little details, but I’m guessing one feels wrong no matter what to half the people.
  • Hearts are useless on music services. Give me I guess I thought this was okay in 2006” and I’ve heard this before? Really?”

  • Protip: if you’re a gamer or just sad all the time, put your Animal Crossing New Horizions screenshots in a folder and make it your desktop background.

  • Sure Kenny Omega’s okay but have you heard The Mess Inside by the Mountain Goats?

  • in 2020 you really hunkered down and got serious about hitting that A button

  • I’m gonna go back to tweeting like it’s 2007.

  • Video Game Top 10s: Hey, Animal Crossing was there for us all Music Top 10s: This grassroots hiphop virtual DJ from Holland you’ve never heard of put out something transcendent.

  • Merry Christmas you janky-ass website full of democracy-nerfing jerkbeans

  • I’ve also seen fewer Instagram stories. Maybe the trend is veering off from the temporary post?

  • Sometimes I need to remind myself that Twitter is just a belligerent comment section and the article itself might not even exist.

  • Play Manifold Garden for half an hour and then read something. Tell me you don’t fall through the text a bit.

  • Jay White is such a good heel that I literally get stressed out thinking about him winning anything.

  • I want to enjoy Twitter again so I’m unfollowing you.

  • Today I learned MF DOOM used to wear a @reymysterio mask

  • The 3DS is super dead but I still have so many games to play on it.

  • So I think I’m done my scouting of @we_are_stardom for a little while. I like them a lot but their schedule is relentless and I need a break. I always try to remind people: when there’s no offseason, you have to create your own.

    • I watched 122 @we_are_stardom matches last year. 4 were 5-point matches in my scoring system: Arisa Hoshiki vs Utami Hayashishita (1-19), Saya Kamitani vs Tam Nakano (9-12), Tam Nakano vs Giulia (9-13), and Giulia vs. Syuri (12-20).
    • There were way more 4-star matches, though. @we_are_stardom is stacked with clean technical wrestlers. AZM, Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, Konami, and, of course, Mayu Iwatani are all just so fun to watch.
    • It’s incredibly easy to sign up to Stardom World to just check it out for a month at a time. It’s the same $10 you’d be giving to WWE or FITE or whoever over here.
  • Weezer just entering their fourth decade of recording like there’s still a rock music industry you have to love it

  • It’s 2021 and Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo are wrestling one another. Nature is healing.

    • I haven’t really been paying attention to WWE but it’s nice to see the Miz with the MITB briefcase he spent in 2010 and probably hasn’t won back legitimately since.
    • My favourite part of this show is the WWE2K20 cam for the entrance ramp. They should do the whole show like that, just give everyone car sickness.
    • I mean, Christian and Edge hugging in the same ring is not a thing they ever had to give us but maybe they love us and want us to be happy.
    • I added pretty much all of WCW into my wrestling database. I can’t believe that regular people will just be able to binge Nitro along with Frasier on the same app in two months.
  • Where is the door in the Apple Fitness+ room

  • Kids these days bemoaning going 530 days between Nintendo Directs sure weren’t around for the N64 huh

  • The Lady and the Dale probably dropped at the wrong time. Few people look to January for TV show of the year.

  • Oh I don’t like downtown Toronto anymore

    • I absolutely can’t wait to love it again
  • Oh why am I buying 3DS games. Girl.

  • You’re either on clubhouse, or you’ve been told about it by white guys on podcasts.

    • I’ve heard like twelve white guys in their 40s talk about it now.
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Good Movies, March 2021

March 25, 2021 Logbook movies

Chrono Playlists - 1979

Making playlists by year never made much sense when all I had was my own music. Spotify and other music services make it pretty easy to get all the music, though. Still, I couldn’t do it with just the service.

First, I had to find lists of music from certain years. Flux Blog was my main source of playlists. I also used my personal collection, my Dad’s mp3 collection, and a few others I follow on Spotify.

These lists aren’t meant to be comprehensive. These are just songs I like from specific years, more or less keeping to the rules of a good playlist. No repeat artists, an attempted flow between songs, shorter songs get preference, and rarely over two hours.

March 16, 2021 music chrono playlists

January-February 2021 in photos

March 5, 2021 photos