Why Don’t Millennials Have Hobbies?

Alisha Sawhney for the Walrus:

I came to a stark realization: I don’t have any hobbies—and nobody else I knew seemed to either.

I really cherish the few things I like to do that makes no money whatsoever. And I consider myself lucky to have a little time in the week to enjoy them.

I’ll add one thing to this sentiment: even our hobbies pile up around us and become a task. Backlogs of tv, video games, and board games, etc. It feels like we have more stuff to enjoy than ever and less time to get it in.

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An Oral History of Tim Curry’s Escape to the One Place Uncorrupted by Capitalism

Michelle Urra for Vice:

Curry, at 62, addresses the camera from a desk, costumed in Russian military uniform and what’s supposed to be a Russian accent. I’m escaping,” he says, to the one place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism.” There’s a pause, then, maybe a longer pause than you’d want for a clean take. Then the smile creeps out. Now he’s huffing, he’s puffing—a big bad wolf who finds blowing down houses to be unbearably funny. He’s coming undone. Is that what’s happening?…. Here, for the first time, is the story of that scene, and its legacy.

I hope this video naturally resurfaces in my life forever.

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Everything that’s freaking people out about TikTok should have already freaked them out about Tumblr

Katherine Dee via Default Wisdom:

One place where we should give TikTok credit is that it changes consumption habits in a more significant way than other platforms. TikTok has encouraged an interesting curation/appreciation cycle (trend upcycling?) that you sort of see with Pinterest and Tumblr, but it’s much more effective on Tumblr.

I had to block the here’s another thing I wish I knew before my 30s” guy because it was actually too much. And yeah, Tumblr is actually the best social network, because I’ll routinely get to see a post from 2013 with brand new comments, and it will actually make me happy.

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Welcome to the Great American Quarter-Assening

Dave Holmes for Esquire:

When things are so volatile…I say let’s relax into this quarter-assening. Let’s approach each new challenge by asking ourselves, What would Pete Davidson do?” and then taking a nap. If we can manage to steer out of the skid we’re in, we can leave it to future generations to half-ass us back to peace and prosperity.

It’s not the worst advice I’ve heard this year.

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The Pixel Art Revolution Will Be Televised

Aiden Moher for Wired:

Like the Impressionist paintings of Monet, pixel art asks the player to fill in the blanks with their own experiences, forming a unique personal relationship with the creator. By nature, pixel art is limited by its canvas. Unlike other types of visual art created by paint brush, watercolor pencil, or 3D polygon, pixel art is created one color block (pixel) at a time. And more often than not, the canvas for pixel art is low resolution. Celeste’s protagonist, Madeline, doesn’t really have a face in the game. It’s just four pixels,” Medeiros says. But players see a face, right? And the face they see is not the same face I see.”

Playing Celeste in 2018 may have been the thing that got me deep into pixel art things. Few games do it quite as well.

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Notion Tutorials and Templates

This is a companion piece to the article I wrote about Notion - Notion & the Digital Shelf. Here’s some of the tutorials and articles that led me towards using Notion. Hopefully these are helpful to either you or me in the future.

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