Peloton after 1 Year (All Data Version)

I’ve made four seasonal blog posts about Peloton in the last year. Just to see it all in one place, here’s the data I’ve gathered from my Peloton usage after one year.

I’m not a bike or treadmill subscriber. I only use the at-home workout app to watch the videos. I think it’s been good for me, and in a year hasn’t become boring or repetitive. Peloton does two things extremely well: provide a constant stream of fresh videos hosted by charismatic trainers, and fills those videos with real, good music. I can’t stress how awful the music is in every other fitness app.

Now, to the data. Peloton lets you download your workout data in a really great CSV. You can do all sorts of things with it.

Number of types of workout

Workout Type Count
Cardio 20
Cycling 9
Meditation 63
Strength 160
Stretching 14
Walking 2
Yoga 70
Grand Total 338

Workout Type

Workout Type Count
Beginner 3
Bodyweight 23
Core 44
Dance Cardio 2
Emotions 24
Family 1
Fitness Focus 2
Full Body 29
Full Body Stretch 6
Groove 1
HIIT, Cardio 16
Intervals 1
Low Impact 1
Lower Body 8
Lower Body Stretch 1
Meditation Anywhere 2
Meditation Basics 7
Mindfulness 13
Power Yoga 3
Pre & Post-Run Stretch 4
Relax & Sleep 10
Restorative Yoga 4
Shadowboxing 1
Stretch 1
Theme 3
Upper Body 56
Upper Body Stretch 2
Walking 1
Warm Up/Cool Down 1
Yoga Anywhere 1
Yoga Basics 1
Yoga Flow 61
Zen in Ten 5
Grand Total 338

Calories Burned (this would be massively approximate)

Workout Type Sum of Calories Burned
Cardio 1070
Cycling 621
Strength 9541
Stretching 194
Walking 47
Yoga 4370
Grand Total 15843

Time Spent in minutes

Workout Type Sum of Length (minutes)
Cardio 245
Cycling 300
Meditation 490
Strength 2540
Stretching 105
Walking 40
Yoga 1615
Grand Total 5335

Instructor Frequency

Instructor Classes Taken
Aditi Shah 41
Anna Greenberg 31
Kristin McGee 28
Emma Lovewell 25
Ross Rayburn 23
Olivia Amato 21
Robin Arzon 20
Jess Sims 18
Matty Maggiacomo 17
Rebecca Kennedy 14
Andy Speer 13
Chase Tucker 13
Becs Gentry 12
Denis Morton 9
Oliver Lee 9
Selena Samuela 9
Ally Love 8
Jess King 7
Hannah Corbin 4
Adrian Williams 3
Sam Yo 3
Leanne Hainsby 2
Multiple Instructors 2
Chelsea Jackson Roberts 1
Cody Rigsby 1
Colleen Saidman Yee 1
Hannah Frankson 1
Jenn Sherman 1
Jennifer Jacobs 1

My Own Health Data

I’m only going to put this down once a year. According to my scale, I’m at 226 pounds. I’ve got a BMI of 32.4, a body fat percentage of 33.1%, a 1851 Kcal BMR, 143.6lb of muscle mass, and a metabolic age of 43 (I’m 37). In the last year, I’ve placed my health as a higher priority, and Peloton has helped keep me motivated. I’ll update this next year, hopefully with better numbers.

June 30, 2020