Peloton after 1 Year (Just the last three months version)

I’m proud of myself. Keeping up with a workout routine for one year is not something I’ve ever done before. I’m usually pretty bad at healthy routines.

This is the data just for the last three months. Click here to check the others. Because it’s been one year, I’ll make a separate post with all the numbers added up.

Number of types of workout

Workout Type Count
Cardio 8
Cycling 2
Meditation 1
Strength 32
Stretching 3
Walking 1
Yoga 22
Grand Total 69

Workout Type

Workout Type Count
Bodyweight 6
Core 5
Dance Cardio 1
Emotions 1
Family 1
Full Body 9
Full Body Stretch 2
HIIT, Cardio 6
Lower Body 2
Lower Body Stretch 1
Power Yoga 1
Theme 2
Upper Body 10
Walking 1
Yoga Flow 21
Grand Total 69

Calories Burned (this would be massively approximate)

Workout Type Sum of Calories Burned
Cardio 546
Cycling 222
Strength 2473
Stretching 58
Walking 31
Yoga 1994
Grand Total 5324

Time Spent in minutes

Workout Type Minutes
Cardio 105
Cycling 40
Meditation 10
Strength 585
Stretching 30
Walking 30
Yoga 585
Grand Total 1385

Instructor Frequency

Instructor Count
Aditi Shah 7
Adrian Williams 3
Ally Love 1
Andy Speer 4
Anna Greenberg 7
Becs Gentry 3
Chase Tucker 2
Chelsea Jackson Roberts 1
Denis Morton 4
Emma Lovewell 1
Hannah Corbin 1
Hannah Frankson 1
Jess King 1
Jess Sims 9
Kristin McGee 2
Matty Maggiacomo 3
Multiple Instructors 1
Oliver Lee 2
Olivia Amato 2
Rebecca Kennedy 1
Robin Arzon 6
Ross Rayburn 2
Sam Yo 1
Selena Samuela 4
Grand Total 69

Heart Rate

Workout Type Sum of Avg. Heartrate
Cardio 348.7
Strength 1256.77
Stretching 89.94
Yoga 485.77
Grand Total 2181.18

So! Some notes.

I bought an Apple Watch during this period, and the integration is really nice. When you begin a workout, the watch becomes a heart rate monitor for the workout itself. At the end of the workout, the Peloton app gives you a nice summary of your heart rate during the exercise:

Of course, the Apple Watch version looks a little slicker:

It only tracks your heartrate if you use the iPhone to play videos, however. So if you like to play videos on your computer, it just won’t sync up. However, it will work if you use Chromecast, and it’ll even show your heartrate up on the screen. Nice.

Now, for some comparisons. Strangely, my last three months is very similar to the three months prior. Almost the same number of workouts, but with 5324 calories burned vs 3510 last time. I gained the time before as well, and that was attributed to taking longer workouts overall. But this time? I think the workouts got harder. Peloton has moved entirely to at-home” workouts, and, you know what? They feel tougher. The instructor doesn’t have to interact with the studio crowd as much, and I feel like they cram more into each workout. Or maybe that’s just the difference between taking 9 vs 3 Jess Sims classes. She’s tough. She’s not Becs Gentry tough, but who is?

June 30, 2020