Peloton after 15 months

This is the data just for the last three months. Click here to check the others. Because it’s been one year, I’ll make a separate post with all the numbers added up.

Fitness Discipline

Row Labels Count
Cardio 11
Cycling 1
Strength 46
Stretching 1
Yoga 11
Grand Total 70

Workout Type

Row Labels Count
Arms & Light Weights 7
Bodyweight 3
Core 6
Full Body 10
Intervals 1
Lower Body 4
Lower Body Stretch 1
Resistance Bands 2
Restorative Yoga 2
Strength for Runners 1
Upper Body 12
Warm Up 1
Yoga Flow 9
Grand Total 70

Calories Burned (this would be massively approximate)

Row Labels Sum of Calories Burned
Cardio 841
Cycling 271
Strength 2822
Stretching 6
Yoga 558
Grand Total 4498

Time Spent in minutes

Row Labels Sum of Length (minutes)
Cardio 170
Cycling 30
Strength 785
Stretching 15
Yoga 250
Grand Total 1250

Instructor Frequency

Row Labels Count of Instructor Name
Aditi Shah 3
Adrian Williams 4
Andy Speer 3
Anna Greenberg 3
Becs Gentry 2
Chase Tucker 2
Chelsea Jackson Roberts 1
Cody Rigsby 1
Hannah Corbin 3
Jess King 1
Jess Sims 6
Kendall Toole 4
Kristin McGee 4
Leanne Hainsby 1
Matty Maggiacomo 6
Multiple Instructors 1
Olivia Amato 12
Rebecca Kennedy 4
Robin Arzon 6
Selena Samuela 3
Grand Total 70

So! Some notes.

Decreases all around, but I knew that would happen in the summer. I barely used Peloton in August. I was active, it just outside, as the outdoor cycling” part of the Apple Watch report below shows off. It’s already freezing and it’s only early October now, so I’m assuming my Peloton usage will spike this month.

Peloton released an app for Roku just before the last report, and I’ve been using it exclusively. It’s very good. It does, however, mean that Peloton doesn’t give me heartrate output anymore, which is totally fine because Apple Watch does that better anyway. Which brings us to:

Apple Watch Data

So, when I start a video on my TV using the Roku app, I also tell my Apple Watch to start a corresponding workout. This means I’ve got personal data for all my peloton exercises. After using an Apple Watch for a few months, I really wish there was a way for me to download workout data to a spreadsheet, just like Peloton. I’ve tried a few apps but none give me the easy stuff.

I’ve actually stopped al lowing Peloton to add health data, since it ends up counting as 2 workouts and skewing results. Because of this, there’s no way for me to a) get accurate Apple Watch readings of heartrate and cals burned, and b) know which exercises are from Peloton and which are from other things. But, hey, I can guess.

Thankfully, iOS14 has an improved Activity app, so I can at least gather some data at a glance.

Here’s July:

Workout Type Total Cals Avg Calories
Strength Training 2204 157
Yoga 462 154
HIIT 446 148
Outdoor Cycling 3187 265

Here’s August:

Workout Type Total Cals Avg Calories
Strength Training 467 116
Yoga 697 232
HIIT 647 161
Outdoor Cycling 3981 306

Here’s September:

Workout Type Total Cals Avg Calories
Strength Training 2507 179
Yoga 339 169
HIIT 657 164
Outdoor Cycling 1541 308

October 4, 2020