Peloton after 6 months

Look man, I don’t own the bike. I just give them some money every month for the videos. The videos are good. They make me feel like I’ve worked out, and that I belong to a weird cult. Sometimes it’s nice to belong to the weird cult, okay? I just don’t see how you improve your health without at least some cult behavior, is what I’m saying.

Last time, I said I was pretty happy with the investment. Since then, Peloton’s dropped their monthly membership for my tier (the non-bike, non-treadmill, just the vids tier) to $13 a month, which means I have to be happier about it.

I’ve been dreading doing this post, though, because I fear that I’ve dropped the habit a little. It’s December though. If you’re going to drop a fitness habit, it’s Christmastime.

This is the data just for the last three months.

Number of types of workout

Fitness Discipline Count
Cardio 4
Meditation 30
Strength 42
Yoga 13
Grand Total 89

Calories Burned (this would be massively approximate)

Fitness Discipline Calories Burned
Cardio 142
Strength 2310
Yoga 523
Grand Total 2975

Time Spent in minutes

Fitness Discipline Minutes
Cardio 40
Meditation 240
Strength 695
Yoga 275
Grand Total 1250

Instructor Frequency

Instructor Number of classes
Aditi Shah 17
Ally Love 2
Andy Speer 5
Anna Greenberg 9
Becs Gentry 1
Chase Tucker 5
Emma Lovewell 1
Jenn Sherman 1
Jess King 2
Jess Sims 5
Kristin McGee 8
Leanne Hainsby 1
Matty Maggiacomo 4
Oliver Lee 2
Olivia Amato 10
Rebecca Kennedy 3
Robin Arzon 4
Ross Rayburn 9
Grand Total 89

Live vs On Demand

Class Type Count
Live 0
On Demand 89
Grand Total 89

So! Some notes.

I completely dropped doing any live classes. I’m sure this puts me way out of the majority of a Peloton subscriber. One of the big sells is the live classes, where they might say your name and other people can cheer you on. That’s the cult part, which is probably addictive!

I did 89 classes compared to 101 in the first three months. I burned 600 fewer calories. But I spent almost the same amount of time using the app, at around 1250 minutes.

It’s not as bad of a drop as I thought, although I feel like if I actually looked at it on a month-by-month scale, December would be the weakest. That seems completely normal though, and I’m still motivated to use the app going into 2020.

December 27, 2019