Peloton after 9 months

Last time, I said I’d dropped the habit a bit. The new year was approaching, which was prime time to get back on a horse. I think I did, but not because of the new year.

I almost want to seperate this post out to Jan-Feb and then March, but this is already a lot of work. I’m glad I’m doing it, though. These 90-day checkins are useful and I’d recommend them for anyone doing any sort of fitness regime. Especially if you’re an RPG-kind of person and like to see stats back up your work.

This is the data just for the last three months.

Number of types of workout

Fitness Discipline Count
Cardio 7
Meditation 8
Strength 30
Stretching 3
Walking 1
Yoga 19
Grand Total 68

Workout Type

Workout Type Number of classes
Bodyweight 3
Core 5
Dance Cardio 1
Emotions 4
Full Body 8
Full Body Stretch 1
HIIT, Cardio 6
Lower Body 1
Relax & Sleep 1
Restorative Yoga 1
Stretch 1
Upper Body 13
Upper Body Stretch 1
Warm Up/Cool Down 1
Yoga Flow 18
Zen in Ten 3
Grand Total 68

Calories Burned (this would be massively approximate)

Fitness Discipline Calories Burned
Cardio 265
Strength 2005
Stretching 50
Walking 16
Yoga 1174
Grand Total 3510

Time Spent in minutes

Fitness Discipline Minutes
Cardio 80
Meditation 80
Strength 580
Stretching 35
Walking 10
Yoga 410
Grand Total 1195

Instructor Frequency

Intructor Number of classes
Aditi Shah 9
Andy Speer 2
Anna Greenberg 6
Becs Gentry 2
Chase Tucker 4
Denis Morton 3
Jess Sims 3
Kristin McGee 6
Matty Maggiacomo 8
Multiple Instructors 1
Oliver Lee 2
Olivia Amato 4
Rebecca Kennedy 3
Robin Arzon 6
Ross Rayburn 3
Sam Yo 2
Selena Samuela 4
Grand Total 68

So! Some notes.

I removed Live vs On-Demand” classes because the result was 0 live classes again. My condo just doesn’t have the bandwidth for the live classes, and they always fail. I often have to pre-load the class in order to watch it without buffering. This isn’t the case with literally any other streaming video service.

I also had trouble with Airplay 2 and Chromecast. Eventually, I gave up and bought an Apple Display Adapter just for the purposes of plugging my phone into my bedroom television.

I took 68 classes in 3 months. That’s another reduction in class amounts, which is not what I would have guessed before I checked the data. It feels like I’ve been doing Peloton everyday. To break it down further, I took 32 classes in January, 15 in February, and 21 in March.

I’m doing more yoga, less strength, and more cardio. And even though I took fewer classes, I burned more calories than last time. This seems to be attributed to the yoga. And though I took 21 fewer classes, my time spent in Peloton is almost the same as it was in the fall.

This tells me that I’m taking longer classes, and the data bears that out. I think that’s a sign of progression. I began with 10-15 minute classes last summer and now I’m regularly doing 20-30 minute ones. A 30 minute class doesn’t seem as daunting as it did 9 months ago.

I’ve been quarantined for the last three weeks just like everybody else, but I’m not sure this set of data really accounts for much of a behavior change yet. However, I bet that the 1-year data set will show a difference. That’s my guess for next time.

March 31, 2020