People still play that?

Louise Blain, for The Guardian:

Pokémon Go is a better game now than it was in 2016. The central experience has evolved, just like one of its titular creatures. You still walk around the real world catching Pokémon on your phone, but there’s a lot more to do and hundreds more creatures. You can now leave your Pokémon to guard gyms and battle other players, perform daily research tasks and team up with fellow trainers to go on a raid to catch rare characters; there’s even a single-player quest experience to earn legendary Pokémon, such as Mew.

Pokémon Go is unlikely to be as popular again as it was in 2016, when around 300 million people were playing it. But, ironically, the 60 million who are playing it now are having a better experience, and they are enough to make Pokémon Go a billion-dollar business, as well as a great community of people. (By comparison, Uber has 40 million active users.)

This morning, I walked by my subway stop, where a Pokemon Go Gym resides. Every now and then, there will be tough a raid boss there, which is a feature the game didn’t have until last summer. This morning, it housed a substantially weak Magikarp, begging to be taken out in record time. I thought, sure, I’ve got 30 seconds before the train gets here. Nice way to start a Monday.

August 20, 2018