Plex Daily Mix

Now that I’ve rated every song in my Plex library, what’s the best way to actually enjoy this music?

Here’s my first experiment: a Plex Daily Mix. It’s 50 songs, organized with two criteria.

  • Songs I haven’t listened to in the last month
  • Songs with fewer than 3 plays.
  • Songs that have been rated.

This is a pretty simple smart playlist, but because it updates every time I play a song (because of the first criteria) and won’t repeat too often (because of the second), this playlist will only ever empty if I never add new music to my collection. It’s also songs I’ve already decided to keep, so my mind isn’t distracted by thinking do I want to keep this one?”

This is the kind of stuff I’ve always wanted from iTunes, but they had to go and break smart playlists a few years ago and now nobody trusts it to work.

Other playlists I’d like to make:

  • Songs that have been skipped more than three times (for the purpose of lowering their stars)
  • Genre smart playlists (a bit like my Spotify lists)
  • I’ll probably add/delete to this over time.

Plex Music

August 1, 2018