Podcast Recommendations, November 19, 2018

Here are some podcast episodes I’ve enjoyed lately. Links go to Overcast.

  • Supercomputer - Smart Homery - October 25, 2018. Matthew smashes his buttons and Alex gets carried away with HomeKit aspirations before speculating about Apple’s Fall Event.

  • Do by Friday - I Fifteen Love You - February 1, 2018. This week’s challenge: do a magic trick.

  • Friendshipping - Gender is Weird in Los Angeles - October 18, 2018. In this very special episode, we consider how you can best support your non-binary friends. Discussion of pronouns, gender spectrums, and why we let boys run into the street but not girls for some reason. A million thanks to Ian and Maya for guesting!

  • Hurry Slowly - Who Are You Without the Doing? - November 6, 2018. Jocelyn K. Glei on our obsession with getting things done, and how a more tender discipline” can unlock clarity and creativity.


November 19, 2018