Psychology might be a big stinkin’ load of hogwash and that’s just fine

Adam Mastroianni on their Substack:

You think you were born into an era of enlightenment. You think your ancestors suffered under shamans and charlatans, but you enjoy the fruits of centuries of science. I understand this belief. When we got our chemistry textbooks in high school, there weren’t a thousand blank pages in the back labeled ALL OF THE CHEMISTRY WE HAVE YET TO DISCOVER.” The text went right to the back cover, as if that’s all the chemistry there is and will ever be. But Kyle, as much as we have learned since Galileo peered through his telescope and Hooke peered through his microscope, we still live in the Dark Ages.

I think I’m going to stop saying apparently” and I read this somewhere” and instead say my most recent update about this topic is,” because that’s the most true thing. I don’t know if my last bit of knowledge is true, and I don’t know if this new one I have is true. It’s just the most recent.


October 23, 2022