RSS…to lower anxiety?

Brent Simmons On Alternate App Icons for NetNewsWire for iOS:

Add options that reduce anxiety. An example of this is the option to not show the unread count in the Dock on Macs. (There’s a similar setting in Notifications settings in iOS.)

Damn do I love that. I had pretty well given up on RSS because of the anxiety of having this mountain of content slowly growing behind me. It’s why I mostly just have a set of bookmarks in Airtable that I check occasionally. But I have been using NetNewsWire since it relaunched, and I’ve noticed a sort of calm about it. I’m happy to see that it’s because of careful design with anxiety in mind.

I do have a feature request though: give us the option of removing the unread number on individual feeds. I’ve never seen an RSS app do this, but I’ve always wanted it. Show me what I’ve missed in the list view, but just don’t put a number on it.

March 14, 2020