RSS reading in late 2020

Yesterday’s IFTTTs remap made me think about how I’m reading sites. RSS never fully went away for me, but now that I can’t rely on IFTTT, I’m going to lean on it a bit more.

My new rules for RSS:

  • No Fire hose websites. If i see 50+ articles a week,” I’m out.
  • No publications. Twitter and Nuzzel are pretty good about lifting the more timely and interesting stuff from verticals.
  • Newsletters are A+ RSS material, because most people write 1-2 a week. Newsletters have been the new blogs for a while now, and I’m still surprised how easy it is to just put a /feed in front of a newsletter URL and it just works.
  • Check it when you remember. No notifications, no apps on the home screen. The whole point of an RSS reader is it’ll keep it until you need it.

September 25, 2020