Shortcut for logging Fitbit Weight

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This shortcut allows you to update your weight in Fitbit by just entering the number after a shortcut. I’ve built it below for text input, but you could easily make it a Siri voice command.

This is especially useful when looped in with other shortcuts as a routine.

This is a two-parter. I’d just share these, but this process requires your actual phone number, so manual instructions it is.

Step 1: IFTTT

  1. First, set up an IFTTT applet. If this: sms. Choose Send IFTTT any SMS.” Then that: Fitbit, then Log your weight.”
  2. Click Add ingredient,” then Message.” Choose your preferred unit of measurement. Then, click done.
  3. Copy the phone number it provides in the summary of the applet. You’ll need it for step 2.

Step 2: Shortcuts

  1. Add the Number” element. Use Ask when run” if you’re doing this manually.
  2. Add Send Message.” Make the recipient the number IFTTT provides. Set Number” as the content. Turn Show when run” off.
  3. I have an alert that says Log your weight to Fitbit” before the rest of the shortcut runs, because I tend to group this shortcut into other routines. But that’s optional.

That’s it!


October 22, 2018