#Skate to the thigh

I’ve often wondered how figure skaters stand on their partner’s legs:

If you, like me, spent at least three hours watching the clip of their routine on repeat today, a serious question may have crossed your mind: How are Moir’s thighs not gushing blood onto the ice?

It’s truly one of the most violent-seeming moments in a sport mostly known for elegance, and it always confused me why the male skater never looked like he was in pure agony. But know I know. Now we know.

##Morning Pages

Chapter 2, walking into a school dance

We just had our purses and wallets, but we could see that a pile of coats had already gathered on top of the closes table to the entrance. There were four or five tables with chairs out, each with the bare minimum of confetti and streamers. This was not a high budget affair. Across the one clean wall was the DJ setup, which was a set of six floor speakers that fit in a single van, a table, the CD decks, and a doorway silver metal scaffolding that held the various lights. They twisted in 20 degree increments and bounced off the disco balls the party committee had hung an hour earlier. It wasn’t the saddest dance setup I’d ever seen, and I’d grown used to it over the years, since this is pretty much how it always went. But it was hardly the level you’d see on TV. The production values here were way down from a Buffy dance.


February 22, 2018