Sleep and Waking Up

I suck at this.


I’ve tried all the alarms. The only thing that has ever repeatedly woken up is my partner. No robot can take this job.

But as difficult as waking up is, getting to sleep is harder.

Sleeping pills

Sleeping pills do this awesome thing with me where they don’t make me sleepy, and then when I do wake up I have such a headache that I wish I was dead.


I do want to buy some drapes. Right now I’ve got light, cute drapes that make the window look nice but provide no defence from the dark arts. But is there any real truth to this one?


Moderate success. Ever since I began using Productive, I’ve been able to switch from just being an adult in the evening to an adult trying to get himself to bed. Prep coffee, say goodnight. check, check. Once I get to bed, though, there’s a 30/70 chance I read a little and then fall asleep vs looking at various news sites and feeling so anxious I stay up another two hours trying to forget the world.

Keep Your Phone Away

I have this awesome two week cycle where I begin by leaving my iPhone on the dock in the living room, feeling great about that for a few days, and then dropping this principal the second I forget, only to spend the next ten days looking up news and feeling anxious for two hours while I try to forget the world.

Sleep is hard

Sleep is hard.

I want to try new things, new rituals. I want to get better at this.


May 5, 2018