Slow Volleys

Jerry Brito at Sometimes Right:

Arguments on the blogs of yore were slow volleys of thoughtful and well-sourced essays, rather than micro-sniping. I would love to see that kind of conversation come back. It’s in large part why I’m blogging again and I hope others will join me.

I love this wording, and I agree completely. However, I feel there’s a missing piece. Say I want to add to this discussion. I link to Jerry Brito‘s piece, above. Say I’ve got a counterpoint to make. How do I let Brito know I’ve got something to add?

In the past, I’ve emailed and tweeted at authors who I’ve linked to. Most have been surprised I made a blog post at all, rather than just commenting on their site or tweeting about it under the posts’ tweet. It’s always been a bit awkward. A best practice recommendation would be sweet here.

Another thought, is there some dingus that let’s you know when your writing has been quoted on another blog (one that’s not Google News Alerts)? That would be helpful.

June 12, 2020