Solid Windows Apps, updated for 2022

I wanted to make a Windows version of Craig Mod’s well-crafted piece of macOS software list, but for Windows. Windows has a reputation for having rough software that’s often ridiculed. I stopped using macOS because I fell in love with touch-based Windows PCs this decade, specifically the Surface line. And while it was a rocky transition, I’ve learned to love so many Windows apps. I’m sure some of these are also on the Mac, but here’s a list of what I feel would make any Windows PC sing:

  • Calibre, for everything ePub, PDF, CBR, and mobi.
  • Advanced Renamer. Just a swiss army knife of batch file renaming. I’ve been using it for years and it’s still teaching me new tricks.
  • Affinity Suite. Especially on a Surface, where the pen support is fantastic. They run cooler than equivalent Adobe apps too.
  • ScreenToGif - a super easy (and fun?) recorder/gif editor that I use all the time.
  • Ditto clipboard manager. I tried a few of these and stuck with this one and I just never thought about it ever again.
  • Big Stretch Reminder. A taskbar applet that reminds you to get up, stretch, or whatever you want, when you specify. It’s Apple Watch’s time to stand” feature but a pop up on the computer you’re actually looking at.

On top of those, I feel like Microsoft themselves have some of Windows’ best apps (I know that sounds obvious, but it just isn’t true on the Mac side anymore).

  • OneNote has been my best buddy for almost ten years.
  • Visual Studio Code, for when you need more organization and text help than Typora (I use both everyday).
  • Photos is underappreciated. It’s ability to just let you point at a folder and work in it for a while is great. The built-in video editor is an excellent fast option.

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April 6, 2022