July 26, 2022


Janet Garcia for Pen to Pixels:

Stray is the ultimate cat simulation with a delightful adventure wrapping. A third-person cat adventure game in a cybercity, Stray excels at capturing what it’s like to be a cat (granted, one that’s much more brave and capable than mine).

Stray is a PlayStation exclusive at the moment, which is the one video game platform I don’t have access to. Owning a Switch and a PC means I can play almost anything, but every now and then Sony gets one I wish I could play and not wait four years1 for a PC port. Every few years, Sony gets a great one.

Update: It was apparently on Steam this whole time.

  1. Spiderman dropped on September 7, 2018 for PS4, scheduled to release August 12, 2022 on PC. On a long enough timeline, every game is a PC game.↩︎

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