Structuring thoughts

I want to come up with a writing style that works with both writing on computers and on paper, that allows for versioning of sentences (perhaps with footnotes?) as well as a rating system for how far along a sentence might be.

It would look something like a two-column setup you might see in Scrivener (and, in fact, Scrivener might be perfect for this while on the computer, but I’d rather it work with any app in plain text), where there’s the text itself, and then meta-information that connected first-draft stuff with extra thoughts and options.

Does anyone else do something like this already? I’m not looking to come up with something new just because I think that’s important. I’m curious to find out how other writers structure their free-flowing writing (or, if this is just idealistic thinking).

I really want to just get back into writing. But my methods in the last two years have left me with three half-finished novels about women in peril. I didn’t actively set out to write any of them that way, and I certainly didn’t set out to quit halfway through.


April 25, 2015