#Summer 2016 Podcast Update

Podcasting is one of the odder mediums out there, but it’s one that I hold dear. This probably has something to do with how quickly I became a podcaster after learning about it. I love movies, but have never made one. I love music, but I’ve never made an album. But the time between hearing my first podcast and making my first podcast was incredibly short. I wanted to be part of it.

It helped that there was a time when it seemed the Mac was purpose-built for podcasts. I downloaded my first ever podcast on my iPod Video in early 2006, and within a month I’d made a 20 minute show in Garageband (it was a music mixtape with some words in between the songs), and had uploaded it to iWeb. Within a few minutes, my show downloaded to my iTunes library, and was synced to my iPod (and, in theory, any iPod in the world). This was 2006! It was love at first workflow.

Eventually, it got to the point where I was running a small podcast network. Gredunza Podcasts had over a dozen shows running at one point, and while I would appear on some of them, I only produced one (International Object). When I turned off the switch in 2014, it was because I wanted to pare down the number of things I was doing. But just because I didn’t want to run a network anymore didn’t mean I didn’t still love podcasting.

Here are the two podcasts I do right now:

You Chose Poorly is a tech podcast about being wrong, co-hosted by Mikey Llorin. Subscribe via RSS, iTunes, Overcast, Pocketcasts, and Soundcloud. Listen to older episodes on Mixcloud.

Fran’s Not Here is a show about Toronto, co-hosted by Robert Pilgrim. Subscribe via RSS, iTunes, Overcast, Pocketcasts, and Soundcloud. Listen to older episodes on Mixcloud.

Both shows only have about a dozen episodes so far, and neither of them ever go over an hour.

I used to do a show called International Object. It was mostly about pro wrestling, but sometimes we’d talk about technology and other television shows. I’m really proud of how well the show has aged, as each episode was more about a concept or theory than anything topical.

I don’t have any episode of older shows I did before 2010, but they were plentiful. Lots of mixtapes, like Soundloading, the show I did with my wife. Lots of weird rants. Lots of my fiction in audio form. But a lot of that disappeared when the sites I hosted them on went away. Even if archive.org had a splash page, the audio link would be broken. I didn’t used to be as good at archiving my own stuff.

As for listening to podcasts, I’ve found 2016 to be a pruning year. I used to have more than 30 podcasts I would semi-regularly enjoy, but that’s gone way down. Here’s the list of podcasts I’m subscribed to as of July 2016, in rough order of preference:

Back to Work

You Must Remember This

NPRs Code Switch

Mouth Time with Reductress

2 Dope Queens

99% Invisible

Accidental Tech Podcast

The Next Track


The Talk Show with John Gruber

I’ve meant to write something like this every year since I began caring about podcasts. I wish I had. I thought it would be a fascinating time capsule to return to after a time, but I never got around to it. I’ll try to do this again next year, to see if anything has changed.


July 13, 2016