super mario bros. 3

Tim Rogers:

Most of my life later, Super Mario Bros. 3, once my gateway drug, continues to be the road itself. As I try to involve myself on a more integral level with the creation of actual videogames, as I fully realize and spell out the very discretely mathematical ways one can make a game better than my hero-game, I balk over and over again at actually taking authoritative control. I know that love and peace and freedom, not cold calculation, is what birthed this game. The reason Miyamoto can’t follow it up is because this is literally the kind of game only one group of people can ever make once.

It’s actually unfair that SMB3 is to many people, their first great game. It sets such a high bar, one inevitably thinks that perfect games are a cosmic fluke rather than something we can actually accomplish.

Also, how did I only get around to reading the Action Button archives now?

July 15, 2020