Swipe right to read something else

Just came across this on Behance: Verso, A digital magazine about the futurereading experience. It’s got a nice approach to the concept of the digital magazine. I like the transitions, as well how an article expands from the title instead of jumping to elsewhere. Great colour-scheme, too.

It also exhibits one thing I’ve found somewhat annoying when using reading apps: the swipe left or right to go to another article. In practice, I understand why this exists: when you’re done with one article and want to go to the next, it’s a handy shortcut. But it’s a shortcut that’s always there (I’m not speaking less about this app concept and instead something I see in read-later and RSS apps frequently). It’s a feature that fires by accident 100% of the time, and I find I forget about it the one time when it does contextually matter: at the end of the article.


March 2, 2015