Taking a break from the pulse

I don’t update this site very often, but I’m very alive and present elsewhere, but from here until probably after Christmas, I won’t be. That’s not to say I’m embracing the luddite philosophy–I wouldn’t be me if I did that. It’s just that I have some very important work to do in the next three months, and the constancy of living on the internet has a tendency to hamper true productivity. You’ll see me, and products by me, but you likely won’t be seeing many tweets or useless blog posts.

Here’s a basic outline of what I’ll be working on:

  • Finishing off the wrestling book, International Object.
  • Writing a new novel before Christmas.
  • Finishing a series of articles and videos for writing in the age of electronic ink. These will be available here and on Gredunza Press.

You’ll see evidence of these things over the next little while, but probably little else. These things are more important to me than letting you guys know what I had for breakfast, though I do love doing that on occasion.


October 13, 2010