That’s it. I’m going on patrol

Is it me or do you guys also feel like something is off about life in general post covid?:

I remember back in 2019 life felt much much better. I was happier and more relaxed. financial wise I am doing better now but I have this weird feeling I can’t seem to shake off….it’s like something is off about life.

Am I the only one?

What You’re Feeling Isn’t A Vibe Shift. It’s Permanent Change.:

I was born during the longest period of global stability. Now, it appears all of that is fleeting. Two-thirds of the way through his claustrophobic 2021 comedy special Inside, Bo Burnham briefly strips away all the humor and launches into That Funny Feeling.

Get Ready for the Forever Plague:

don’t expect normal” to return to your hospital, your airport, your nation, your community or your life anytime soon.

There’s a sketch in the new season of Kids in the Hall. It’s the last sketch in episode 4: The Patrol. It’s the idiocracy of 2022.


July 14, 2022