The Best of Youtube, February 2021

Youtube is a bad place, but every now and then a good video appears. Because I can’t seem to stop going there, I can at least make it easier for you (and future me) to see what was worth it.

I bought the new Chromecast in January. It replaced my Roku Stick from 2017, which had begun glitching and slowing down. I like the Roku and thought of just replacing with another, but the Chromecast looked interesting enough to try. I like the dingus. It’s fast. I like the pink remote. The voice commands are better than anything I’ve used. And AppleTV+ just showed up today. I watched an episode of the new snoopy show. It’s cute.

I almost never watch YouTube on a computer. It’s always on TV. Sometimes I’ll watch a video as a palette cleanser between movies. Sometimes I don’t have the concentration ability to watch something real,” so I’ll go on YouTube and watch 40 minutes of trailers.

I don’t usually stop a TV show halfway through, but I abandon YouTube videos all the time. Scrolling back on the month’s history to find the few I’d like to remember, I was surprised how many were in there.

Video of the month: J.K. Rowling by Contrapoints.

Winter Anime 2021 in a Nutshell was informative as always. A History of CLAMP (and The Future of Netflix) by Beyond The Bot also gave me a lot of titles for my que.

I liked learning about fighting games that are way, way simpler than Street Fighter.

I finished The World Ends with You this month, just in time to watch a Polygon tribute video. Speaking of the 3DS, finishing TWEWY made me spend some more time with it, and I realized my backlog was big enough I could actually avoid buying the 11 Great 3DS Games Overshadowed by Switch.

Johnny Harris helped me understand the Gamestop drama.

In terms of wrestling, the best thing was probably this paid” ad from Tony Khan.

It’s good to have a guy.

I watched way too many videos about desktop PCs. This video is a pretty good example of the type of thing I watched too much of.

Definitely fell down a rabbithole of DankPods videos. I Bought a Zune in 2020 was my favourite for obvious Zune reasons.

BlogTo did an interview with Helen from TheCoffeeMonsterzCO and that led to its own rabbit hole. How I Daily Journal was a highlight.

February 21, 2021