The Best of Youtube, March 2021

Youtube is a bad place, but every now and then a good video appears. Because I can’t seem to stop going there, I can at least make it easier for you (and future me) to see what was worth it.

3DS Turns 10 Years Old - Our Memories and Experiences is long, but treat it like a podcast. It’s a good rundown of my favourite video game console.’

Hi-Bit Era - The Future of Pixel Art Games. I loved this. Video games don’t have to look like they were made in 1993 anymore, but sometimes we like it when they do. Or when they look like a good version of it, anyway.

DEEP DISCOG DIVE: MF DOOM. Lots of gold in here.

Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan 97. Just go in cold.

Why WarioWare Works I bought my first WarioWare game because of this.

【VTUBER DEBUT】MissFushi the Catgirl 【ふしさん】 - YouTube This video made me understand Vtubers. I followed her last year for Animal Crossing videos, and thankfully I never unfollowed her. This month, she cropped up after a few months off Youtube, but with a new aesthetic.

Instagram Models Be Like. Giggle.

What I REALLY Think of the iPhone! It’s an hour-long review of a six month phone.

ACTION BUTTON REVIEWS Tokimeki Memorial This video dropped in January but I re-watched it this month. Just a six-hour re-watch. No big deal.

Everything I know about instagram stories.. Helpful stuff about a weird photography medium.

Nihilism & Howl’s Moving Castle - Movies with Mikey. We are all burning away slowly, and everything is fine.

March 31, 2021