The best way to read a newsletter is on a Kobo

I like newsletters, and I like that more people are writing them. Email-based newsletters are just blog posts, with the added benefit that it’s more likely you’ll check your email (and thus read the post) than remember to visit a blog. Not everybody will make their own calendar cycle for the web.

The only thing I don’t like about newsletters is that they live in your email. I like to spend as little time in gmail as possible, but I like newsletters. So, what to do? Easy. Figure out their RSS feed, and send it to my Kobo. Reading on a Kobo is just better than reading in email, in that it is actually relaxing and not an anxiety-fueled horrorscape.

If the newsletter is in Mailchimp, all you have to do is look at a previous issue, and on the top-right menu you’ll see RSS. Copy that link, add it to IFTTT as a If” statement, and have it send every entry to Pocket. Pocket articles sync with Kobo’s, and that’s it. Non-Mailchimp newsletters are often just their blog with added Feedburner functionality. I wasn’t able to figure out all of the newsletters I like, but I will.

Here’s a few newsletters I’ve subscribed to with this method. You might like them too.


February 26, 2019