June 29, 2022

The lost thread

I quit Twitter for the third or fourth time earlier this year, mainly when Elon began his threat to buy it. It had stopped being a fun place a long time ago. This meant it would only get more hostile.

I haven’t missed it, but I really thought I would. Twitter is excellent at making you think it’s the website that matters most.

Robin Sloan:

The speed with which Twitter recedes in your mind will shock you. Like a demon from a folktale, the kind that only gains power when you invite it into your home, the platform melts like mist when that invitation is rescinded.

Not being on Twitter is annoying when a link elsewhere goes to twitter, because Twitter has stopped letting a non-user read much of the site without obfuscating content with a giant signin page. But sometimes that popup is welcome. You made a conscious choice to not be here” it says to me. Either get in, or get out.”

And then I close the tab.

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