The Moonbow Easy

I began writing The Moonbow Easy this week. It’s my new novel. I hope to finish it in under 8 months, do one round of edits, and release it for ten bucks this time next year. You’ll be able to read it on anything.

It’s about a girl who works for her uncle in a resort hotel in Colerado. She went to a terrible college with strict religious studies and a crooked student loan arrangement. Under incredible stress to pay back this debt, her uncle takes her in and agrees to square it with her. The arrangement is she has to work at his hotel until the debt is paid off.

Her faith broken, her life frozen in place, and her future bleak, she has a chance encounter with a thief. Their relationship defines the book. They might fall in love. He might kill someone. I’ve still got to figure a few things out.

The Moonbow Easy’s main themes surround the system of schemes, the idea of someone else saving you, and whether or not we can ever really be square with the world and the people in our lives. I have no idea if there’s a market for a book like that but that’s a shitty way to think about writing a book anyway.

April 5, 2013