July 5, 2022

The phone is terrible for cloud gaming

Alex Cranz for The Verge:

But the biggest promise of cloud gaming is that, no matter where you are, if you’ve got a phone then you’ve got all your games. In practice, this is a bad idea.

There’s no single correct decision in technology right now, because every single choice brings obvious and constant trade offs. The smart phone should be the be-all, but fifteen years into its dominant run, it still only handles most tasks about half as well as a dedicated device. The phone isn’t as good for reading as an eink device. It isn’t as good for work as a computer. And it isn’t as good at gaming as a console. Kranz suggests that cloud gaming on a phone is like using the saw on a Swiss Army Knife. I’d go one step further: the entire smartphone is a Swiss army knife. The smartphone is immeasurably useful, clever, and something you should always have on you, but dedicated tools might always outperform it.

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