The Pixel Art Revolution Will Be Televised

Aiden Moher for Wired:

Like the Impressionist paintings of Monet, pixel art asks the player to fill in the blanks with their own experiences, forming a unique personal relationship with the creator. By nature, pixel art is limited by its canvas. Unlike other types of visual art created by paint brush, watercolor pencil, or 3D polygon, pixel art is created one color block (pixel) at a time. And more often than not, the canvas for pixel art is low resolution. Celeste’s protagonist, Madeline, doesn’t really have a face in the game. It’s just four pixels,” Medeiros says. But players see a face, right? And the face they see is not the same face I see.”

Playing Celeste in 2018 may have been the thing that got me deep into pixel art things. Few games do it quite as well.

August 17, 2022