The reports of Windows Phone lacking in apps are greatly exaggerated

Great article on a theme I’ve been ruminating on lately. Windows Phone actually has lots of great apps, and they shouldn’t be dismissed simply because they’re not 1-to-1 with iPhone or Android apps.

A few more examples I’d like to mention:

4th & Mayor: Fantastic foursquare app that has a far nicer feel than the official versions.

LoMob: I prefer the filters for photos in this app to Instagram’s, and the social functionality of Instagram doesn’t really matter to me as much as posting to Twitter and Tumblr. There’s an iPhone app version of it, too.

1Password: Though it’s not quite as functional as the iPhone version, the fact that the Mac-dominant 1Password has an official app on Windows Phone is really great, and influenced me going full-bore on the service.

Network Dashboard: It’s an app that lets you pin things like Wi-Fi and Network settings to your home screen, for easy access.

HTC Hub: I think this is only for HTC devices, but I’m not sure. I’ve opened the hub once: to pin the weather as a live tile. When it rains, the tile rains. When it’s sunny, the tile is sunny.

Podcasts Pro: Like Instacast. It’s not as polished, but it absolutely does the trick of making podcast playlists and downloading on demand.

I can’t help but also mention Office and Zune. iCloud and iWork apps on the iPhone are really great, but together it’s a 30 dollar purchase. Office is baked in on Windows Phone, and Onenote’s functionality duplicates a ton of apps I used on the iPhone (simplenote, for example). Zune, specifically Zune Pass, really has no equal on the iPhone natively. iTunes Match is nice, but it would be way nicer if you could simply download any song from the store at any time. That’s Zune Pass. It’s $10 a month, so it’s really more a competitor to the excellent Rdio) with the added benefit of Xbox and Zune HD support.


November 29, 2011