This blog is for me

This doesn’t mean you can’t read it, or shouldn’t read it. I hope you like it! I’m weirdly wrapped up in it, perhaps more than ever. Maybe it’s all the trouble Twitter and Facebook have gotten into the last few years for ruining society, or maybe it’s that Tumblr’s blogging tools haven’t improved in ten years, but returning to the simplest possible kind of blog has lit a fire under me. I want to do this every day. I have a Streaks goal for it and everything.

But who am I doing this for? Who’s my ideal reader? This is going to sound myopic and horribly millennial, but it’s pretty much myself. Hopefully I read this post again in a few years and it makes me happy, because writing it made me happy. Posting it made me happy. Sharing it with the world, but knowing that maybe I’m the only person reading made me happy. I’m at the point where I’m at peace with that.

I used to crave an audience. And then I sorta got one, and it freaked me out. I couldn’t handle it. And maybe I was micro-famous for the wrong thing. But last night I got on a stage and did an act and didn’t feel even the slightest bit of anxiety I’ve dealt with my whole life. It was huge for me. And this blog is huge for me. It took 35 years but I think I can handle everything that comes with this now. It felt great. This feels great.

Thank you.


March 29, 2018