Thoughts on First Scene

First Note: You can follow along with the creation of this short story by following the “Short Story 1 tag.

So I finished my first page” or chapter” or whatever. First scene? I’m not consistent with this naming scheme already. I’m trying to not care about the structure too much yet. It’s a short story! My aim is less than 10,000 words. Let’s start and finish something and polish it and call it. But after every page/chapter/scene, I want to write my thoughts about it, because maybe that’ll help propel me.

So how do I feel about this scene so far? I’m going to do bullet points as I read over the scene.

  • It didn’t come out as I thought. The scene changed as I was writing it. I’m sort of happy with that. Isn’t that one of the great joys of writing? To see that strange magic where the tory comes out of you and your brain but isn’t 100% your plan?
  • I am happy with subscription” as an adjective for wine.”
  • Maybe the second part needs to have our narrator looking at dating sites a little, since I threw that nugget in there.
  • I’m developing this theme where our narrator cares more about other people’s stories. They’re almost a voyeur. Maybe they can barrage someone on a dating app with too many q’s.
  • I’m not sure what happened, but things faded” is about as vague a sentence as I can write. Maybe I should punch that up. It’s about friendships. I don’t have to be coy.
  • If I skipped the ads, I could get through most of a podcast” is probably the most heel thing I’ve had my narrator do so far 😎, just to show where the floor is.
  • When describing the woman, I was trying to convey comfort levels. In doing that, I neglected to mention at all what she looked like. There’s no sense of her physical body at all in the paragraph, other than her posture.
  • When describing the man, I was aiming for alluring qualities.
  • I could make the ending of this stronger.
  • I took two weeks between writing it and taking these notes. I wanted to give the writing some separation. And…I don’t hate it? That’s a start, right?

November 17, 2020