September 10, 2020

Today is Today, September 10,

Something I’ve noticed about tiktok: it’s full of adults. I never see a teen. I think this year my generation of elder millennials showed up and all the kids left. Where did they go? I hope I’m now old enough to not find out. I’m sick of moving to a new place every few years. Do you know there’s still people on Facebook? Like, they just stayed there, slowly mutating into republicans.

We recorded a new Fran’s Not Here on Instagram. I often don’t like Instagram but I do think it’s well suited to a live” show with two people. It pings whoever’s following you to go watch it, and (now, at least), it’ll save it as a post when you’re done. It isn’t obvious how to download the video to your phone (Facebook really doesn’t want you to have your stuff back in the same condition you originally uploaded). Thankfully, there are dozens of sites that will download videos from YouTube, Instagram, etc. I used this one, but that’s not necessarily a recommendation.

Peloton added some resistance-band workouts. This is awesome. A resistance band is cheap and can do a lot, but it’s nearly impossible to make yourself use it without prompts.

PoolsideFM, one of the few nice websites, is now one of the few nice iPhone apps. Man, I want that hat.

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