September 16, 2020

Today is Today, September 16, 2020

The trailer for Mandalorian Season 2 features a quick shot of Sasha Banks, so my nerd energy level has been filled up for at least a quarter.

Apple has a new set of iPads. I don’t own an iPad but I love it, the Air especially. I guess I love the idea of a perfect little computer. I don’t own it because I talk myself out of it pretty quickly. My Surface Pro is a real” computer in the ways that count where the iPad isn’t. It’s not like I could replace my iPhone with it, because it doesn’t sync with Apple Watch, and doesn’t do some phone” things. And yet, there’s an ideal there. Maybe one day I’ll be the kind of person living the kind of life where an iPad Air is all I need.

Playing around in Notion feels safe because their export options are robust. If I feel like bailing, I can grab a zip file full of markdown files and be on my way. One nitpick: you’ll give me markdown files, but why can’t I link in markdown? Oh, I can? Welp.

Stateramorphism. There’s your word of the day. Look at those pretty, pretty icons.

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