Today is Today, September 17, 2020

I’ve been having problems with Crunchyroll lately. They recently made a new version of their Roku app, and it signs me out every day. They used to have a Google-esque sign-in thing where you got a code and tap a button on your phone and you get in. But now you have to type in your email and password (on the TV!) and it’s annoying. Maybe I’m signed into too many devices? Crunchyroll lets you determine where you’re signed in, and I was somewhat shocked to see that number be not five. It was much larger than five. Maybe bringing it down a bit will help.

I rode my bike this morning. I downloaded a Peloton cycling video and let it play while I ride my trail. It woke me up. I felt good. 12° is perfect cycling weather. It’s just cool enough that wearing a mask 100% of the ride feels fine. I passed a raccoon. He was just strolling along the path. He looked at me. He wasn’t threatened. I reminded myself afterward, hey, I’m wearing a raccoon mask. It’s like a deku mask. That raccoon isn’t calling the guards to kick me out of the village.

September 17, 2020