Today is Today, September 24, 2020

I moved my novel from Scrivener to Notion. Notion does a lot of what Scrivener was doing already. Not everything. Scrivener is really amazing. BUT. But. I found myself avoiding Scrivener. It being this other thing was partially getting in the way of me touching my book. I’m in Notion a lot right now. Put the book where you are. Don’t ignore it.

I emptied out my drafts folder and published a handful of link posts today. A while ago, I set up a Drafts Action that sent links to my Dropbox so I can turn them into proper link blogs. It works, and I just rarely remember to actually post them.

While I was there, I updated the last two episodes of Fran’s Not Here on the blog. We’re trying new things!

I brought up our winter stuff only for it to be twenty degrees today. It’s like raaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiin.

Tags are great but they break so easily. I just realized I’d tagged a bunch of blogs with tech” instead of technology.” This is stupid and only I care but that bugs me.

September 24, 2020