Today is today, September 9, 2020

I’m reading Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby. It’s super quick and definitely makes me want to write like her. But I can’t write like her and that’s okay. I borrowed it from my library and it’s probably in your library too.

Men’s magazine writers are in pure fuck-it mode, it seems. Mac and Cheese for breakfast is insane. It reminded me of a video I did like about breakfast, though. I watched this Johnny Harris video a few months ago and it jostled something in me. I tried a more Japanese-style breakfast a few times this summer and it was nice. I still revert to the laziest possible breakfasts, but occasionally I’ll try to fix my life with protein. It never works.

I watched some phone porn. It’s not even aspirational phone porn. I don’t want an android phone, or anything by Samsung, and I definitely don’t want to spend US$2000 on anything if I can help it. So why am I watching videos like this? Is it just Dieter Bohn’s tech review charm? Maybe. I think I have a sort of tech review inertia. My iPhone XR is only 16 months old, and should last me another 16 months if I don’t drop it on bathroom tiles or try to take a picture with it at 1am on New Years, or try to take a picture in a bathroom at 1am on New Years. Anyways my shit still feels brand new and I’m barely hungry. I wonder what would happen if I turned off all my tech websites for a month? I’d definitely lose out on all those hot takes.

Speaking of, there’s an Apple Event next week. They’re usually pretty fun to watch, but it’s been quite a few of them since they revealed something I actually wanted. I’m an elder tech person now. I want some refinement and I want a think to last a long time. It’s why I bought a Surface 4 and an Apple Watch 5 and a Logitech M720. Those first 719 mice were for beta testers.

The G1 Climax 30 bracket was released. I made my bracket. I’ve got Jay White and Evil winning both Blocks and doing a Bullet Club finale, with White winning back his leader position. It feels right for 2020.

I’m recording a new Fran’s Not Here on Instagram Live at 5:30. We did two of these in the Spring, but Instagram deleted both videos immediately. They’ve since added a feature where you can download the video. Part of it being a podcast” is you need to be able to archive the damn file somewhere.

September 9, 2020