September 9, 2020

Today is today, September 9, 2020

I’m reading Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby. It’s super quick and definitely makes me want to write like her. But I can’t write like her and that’s okay. I borrowed it from my library and it’s probably in your library too.

Men’s magazine writers are in pure fuck-it mode, it seems. Mac and Cheese for breakfast is insane. It reminded me of a video I did like about breakfast, though. I watched this Johnny Harris video a few months ago and it jostled something in me. I tried a more Japanese-style breakfast a few times this summer and it was nice. I still revert to the laziest possible breakfasts, but occasionally I’ll try to fix my life with protein. It never works.

I watched some phone porn. It’s not even aspirational phone porn. I don’t want an android phone, or anything by Samsung, and I definitely don’t want to spend US$2000 on anything if I can help it. So why am I watching videos like this? Is it just Dieter Bohn’s tech review charm? Maybe. I think I have a sort of tech review inertia. My iPhone XR is only 16 months old, and should last me another 16 months if I don’t drop it on bathroom tiles or try to take a picture with it at 1am on New Years, or try to take a picture in a bathroom at 1am on New Years. Anyways my shit still feels brand new and I’m barely hungry. I wonder what would happen if I turned off all my tech websites for a month? I’d definitely lose out on all those hot takes.

Speaking of, there’s an Apple Event next week. They’re usually pretty fun to watch, but it’s been quite a few of them since they revealed something I actually wanted. I’m an elder tech person now. I want some refinement and I want a think to last a long time. It’s why I bought a Surface 4 and an Apple Watch 5 and a Logitech M720. Those first 719 mice were for beta testers.

The G1 Climax 30 bracket was released. I made my bracket. I’ve got Jay White and Evil winning both Blocks and doing a Bullet Club finale, with White winning back his leader position. It feels right for 2020.

I’m recording a new Fran’s Not Here on Instagram Live at 5:30. We did two of these in the Spring, but Instagram deleted both videos immediately. They’ve since added a feature where you can download the video. Part of it being a podcast” is you need to be able to archive the damn file somewhere.

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