Trying some new Windows Apps

This morning I tried three new windows apps.

I wanted to see how I could connect my iPad to my windows PC.

  • Easy Canvas lets you plug your ipad into your pc over usb to create a second monitor with touch controls. Once you’ve connected over USB, it works over wifi (with a bit more latency). It’s CA $17 after a few days trial. We’ll see if I get there, but I see the value.

  • Input: Mouse and Keyboard is an iPad app that turns the screen into a giant trackpad for Windows. It works okay, but I’d love to see pen support to give it that wacom feel. It’s free, which is rare these days.

  • Mousemux is crazy. If you own two mice or two keyboards, it’ll allow both of them to work on one PC. Two cursors!

August 31, 2022