Ways To Beat A Creative Block

Warren Ellis:

Turn off the internet, turn off the television, read a book, listen to music, let yourself get bored and empty. Put away what you’re working on right now and lock it in a drawer for two weeks. Invite your most brilliant friend over, kill them, find and eat their adrenal glands and then wear their skin as a shamanic cloak until the next full moon. Strap cats to every part of your body and tell everyone your new name is Pussy Fang Dervish. If you live in a city, go to nature. If you live in nature, go to a city. Buy a cheap notebook and write down every stupid idea you’ve ever had. And then write down the five most important things you want to achieve once the block is broken. And then stand up, remind yourself that your name is Pussy Fang Dervish and you can do anything, and then go and give it another try.


July 21, 2015