November 26, 2018

When Timer Ends - Stop Playing

I’ve been working with the Pomodoro technique while at my day job for a few weeks now. The way I’ve kept it up is by creating two Siri Shortcuts: a 25 minute timer for working, and a 5 minute timer for a break. Both shortcuts use just the basic timer, while also creating a new Toggl (though the break” shortcut just creates the same Toggl entry over and over).

It took me a while to figure out the best timer to work with, and I settled on Stop Playing.” It doesn’t make any noise, vibrate, or anything. All it does is stop what your phone is currently doing and lock it. Since I’m usually listening to music, simply pausing is the least annoying way for a timer to go off.

You can see how the timer just straight up locks the phone with the video below.

iPhone Shortcuts

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