Writing about writing

I’m not very good at writing about my process, or processes in general. I know that’s it’s really, really hard, and I have to constantly fight distractions and procrastination. I am a slow writer, but I’m also messy. I have drafts of drafts of drafts and 90% of what I write will never get published. I’m not a perfectionist, but I hold my writing to a high standard. I’m almost always unhappy with what I produce.

More and more, I’ve been writing nonfiction. 100% of what I’ve personally published in the last two years (outside of the re-release of No Chinook last month) has been non-fiction, from wrestling work to paid articles and tech reviews. I don’t find non-fiction nearly as challenging. I generally write in a terse fashion, and that style translates well to opinion on popular things. But I think that can be dangerous, as writing what’s easy won’t work the muscles. Fiction empties me like a good workout. It’s difficult to get out there, but it’s never a regret on the way home.


August 7, 2011