Writing Practice, May 30 2015

Here are the things I do not know:

Whether I am anyone’s hero.

If I have saved anyone without them knowing it, or, if I have done something good without my knowledge or the knowledge of those I helped.

If my actions or expressions of thought have impacted the world in any way outside of those tangible things. I know I have created garbage. I know I have stolen oxygen, and food. I don’t know if I have given anything.

If I am the most impressive person in anybody’s life.

If I have ruined people, led them from the path, broken their faith, inexorably ripped portions of their life into pieces they did not want inexorably ripped.

Whether my ego and confidence has given to more ego and confidence in others; if I have evangelized.

If I had any taste, any at all.

If I have plagiarized not only works but feelings and mannerisms and asides. If I have taken portions of a personality and grafted the piece to myself and wore it for years without realizing I was only pretending to be someone more fun at parties.

If other people had plans for me, and what became of those plans.

What became of my old plans.

If I buy this thing instead of this other thing, how many people in the world have I wounded.

May 30, 2015