Writing Practice, May 7 2015

The watch’s crown winds ten to fifteen times before it snaps and never works again without repair by a man I would never track down. The watch will work so long as I don’t wind it too hard, and it’ll more or less work forever. It holds time for around 8 hours, which means that to keep anywhere near accurate time (and the watch will never be accurate, no matter the amount of effort and care) winding the watch has to be the last action made before bed and the first when I wake up. The watch will not wake me up. The watch will only show the correct date if I wind the hour hands properly. There is no secondary input for the date. It is tied to the same wind as the hour and the minute.

I cannot go backwards in time. I think I used to be able to, but I’m not entirely sure. Someone else owned this watch when that feature worked. Now, if I try to wind backwards, the crown comes loose and eventually is removed. That means the every time the time is wrong (and it is wrong multiple times per day) I have to be careful with how far forward to move the minute hand. It only matters so much, though. If the time is wrong, it’ll only be so until the next time the watch stops. And then it won’t be even close.

May 7, 2015